What we do

To increase the coverage of environmental issues in the media in
Rwanda and to enhance the  capacity of Rwandan journalists to report on
environmental issues through workshops, networking, information sharing,
and institutional development.

 To educate people about the serious state of the environment and use
the power of the news media to bring about changes to improve the
quality of the air, water, wildlife and natural resources etc…
Journalists investigate environmental problems and their causes, report
on environmental policy disputes, and make the public aware of these
issues and the importance of a healthy planet.


Our vision is spread information about ideal changes that will improve
the quality of our planet.


Our mission is to increase the coverage of environmental issues in the
media in Rwanda.

We are a legally registered local organization which aim to promote sustainable and improved environmental management in Rwanda through more effective information dissemination, awareness creation and citizen engagement through social and mass media. We endeavor to utilize and capitalize on the power of new and traditional media to engage and inform communities on sustainable environment management practices, climate change, landscape rehabilitation efforts and social welfare.

As a media-oriented non-governmental organization, we use our organisation to
develop, pitch and disseminate information through various local and international media houses and social media accounts.

We believe that media is a key stakeholder in environmental sustainability, awareness raising as well as monitoring of key issues affecting the environment and seeking actions to redress them.  That’s why we work to bridge the information gap to ensure everyone is well informed about what they need to do the make the planet better and sustainable.

Rwanda Environmental Journalists ( REJ)  has above100 journalists  reporting on Environment and has a strong  professional relationship with reputable organizations and institutions, including EnviroServe Rwanda, IUCN_Rwanda and REMA, Earth Journalism Network (EJN)  at USA based , Internews Kenya among others.  And we hope also you will be the next among our partners.

Rwanda Environmental Journalists  has a project with aim to planting trees “  Trees for Future Generation” is an initiative by the organization of environmental journalists in Rwanda that aims at the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, increased forest cover, climate change adaptation efforts together with combating land degradation and provision of livelihood alternatives to the impacted communities.

We believe that planting trees of mixed use will enhance both productive and environmental values. We have pledged to plant at least two thousand trees of mixed use every year in a selected model village known as “Umudugudu” in Kinyarwanda built for vulnerable families in Rwanda. Every. Umudugudu is roughly build on two hectares of terrain.